the show must go on.

it’s {embrace} the camera day!

we had
an incredible time on our little trip. 
so incredible in fact, 
that i thought about it about 759 times today.

the colors of the leaves were breathtaking.

the trip was so full.
so full of
heart to heart chats 

i simply cannot wait to do it again.

i think that L’s got a new smile.
it’s so big and joyful.
and you can’t resist smiling along with
that happy face, now can you?

it’s been quite a transition for him to realize that he must again share his mommy.
no, he would prefer that i would be his and his only.

let me just say that i am so

sick and tired of 

getting in the way of 

you know?
yeah, you know.
you know exactly what i mean.
but, you know as well as i do that the show must go on. 

406. getting things done

407. staying in my pajamas all the live long day

408. sweet drawings D made

409. welcome home signs

410. packages ready to be sent

18 thoughts on “the show must go on.”

  1. LOVE the pictures!!! We had a bit of fall over the weekend too :o) And, I need this reminder today, "the show must go on," because you are right . . . sometimes (most of the time?) life gets in the way of life. So today, I'll make it a point to live and try not to let it get in the way so much ;o) xoxo

  2. amen to life getting in the way of life. can't we just have fun all.the.time?

    i love L's smile too–it is definitely contagious!

  3. Mr. Love has captured my heart!! So glad you had an amazing trip. Looking forward to breakfast next Saturday!

  4. K and I LOVE the picture of L in the leaves. She also loves that we can see half of K's mouth while we are looking at it. What a smile!!!

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