settle in.

and prepare yourself.
this is merely a snippet of the wonderful trip to chicago that
L, Auntie B and i made. 
there are tons and tons and tons more photos. 
can you believe it?
you can always tell when i’m having a wonderful time… 
i take an extreme amount of photos.
now sit back, settle in and enjoy your glimpse of our vaca. 

the Os.
and yes, they are that goofy.
oh, how we miss them so. 

my sweet friend, Annie O and Miss G

just like old times.
except in chicago.
and only for the weekend.

we were so worried that we missed it.
but sure enough, 
while we were there,
fall fell.

can you even imagine this view?

and her momma said that she doesn’t like cameras.

sweet little Miss G is going to love living in this city.
i can just tell.

she was absolutely enthralled by the leaves.
i think i was too.

sharing the love. 
with the biggest grin in town.

the backyards there are so different than out here.
most don’t even have fences.
even the elementary school only had a three foot fence around the play yard.

this is one of my favorite moments that was captured. 
who can resist a tickle photo though?
not i. 

L holding Miss G’s hand in the car.
i think he has a thing for her.
i think she was worried he was going to try to steal her snacks.

she would have run around the block all by herself if we let her. 

Auntie B, chasing Miss G down the street.

if any of you know me 
(for reals), 
then you’ll get this photo.

aren’t they so cute?
they’re nearly the same size.
she’s just 2.5 months older. 
we asked Miss G to hold L’s hand.
she wouldn’t do it so he reached over,
grabbed her hand
 and hammed it up for the camera.
thatta boy. 

this is a shot of the skies opening up right before we boarded our flight. 
we were so grateful to make it home before the winds really picked up.
thankfully, our flight didn’t get cancelled 
and we didn’t have to hear an airline personnel say, 
“oh, i can reserve you a flight coming back from chicago at 5:55.”

ahh, now don’t you feel like you just 
returned from a great time in the windy city?
me, too.

and to the Os:
i think it’s time to get the old band back together.
don’t you think?

411. non-stop plans
412. being able to clean the kitchen while L had OT
413. the sound of music on oprah
414. feeling (somewhat) organized
415. the bouncy seat being put in the garage
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