the birthday girl.

K turned 3 yesterday.
i know.
how did that happen so fast?
i don’t know.
the festivities kicked off with waffles for breakfast.
B is our expert pancake maker and i do the waffles.
she and i made this sweet little headband
for her to wear while we celebrated.

and yes,
i let her have mini m&m’s at 10am.
Auntie B and i took her to get her nails and toes done.
she picked the two brightest pinks
(of course).
doesn’t she look like a pro?

the happy birthday girl

with her momma.
she’s been practicing showing how old she is.

any guesses on the color of cake that she wanted?
yep, nothing but pink
(of course).

the celebration was made complete
when we
may not
lit some sparklers in the backyard.
yeah, we love birthdays here.
376. exciting baby news (not us!)
377. playing outside
378. L sleeping in until 6:30am
379. a night out at the most wonderful restaurant
380. peaceful afternoons
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