it was a full visit.

B’s lovely college friend,
SS came to visit last week.
we all
had such
a wonderful
time with her.
she brought the sweetest gifts for the kiddos.
(and of course you remember that she
sent me this lovely package a while back.)
our days were filled to the max.
played with the kiddos,
(in fact, there was not one
or tear
or fight
while L’s PT was here.
that’s saying a lot).
she read to them,
did crafts with them,
we got some fun group shots
which went very quickly from this,
to this,
in a matter of nanoseconds.
we perused the getty villa,
where we…
saw some fall leaves changing color
(a real treat),
got rained on,
made a new friend,
in which we named,
mr. snail
whom we followed quite a bit.
i think K was more fascinated by him than she was the museum.
L got snuggled,
and then he snuggled lambie,
K threw pennies into the fountain
(a super treat since i never give the kids pennies for that).
and the fun didn’t stop there.
we ate tito’s tacos,
and SS made us the
apple pie.
from scratch
(along with an amazing dinner one night).

what a treat.

and what a full visit it was.
371. SS
372. the rainy weather last week
373. the toasty weather this weekend
374. dinner cooked by anyone other than me
375. faith-filled friends
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