the all-inclusive resort in kansas.

it’s {embrace} the camera day!

isn’t it so amazing how life quickly changes?
just a few years ago, i would never have imagined that going
on a trip with a one year old would be considered taking a vacation.
but it was.
and it was amazing.

enter kansas.

first off, where can a mom go while only packing four diapers?
yes, that’s four diapers for four days.
not anywhere i frequent.

KS (my sweet friend, who used to live in socal now lives in KS)
provided everything for us.
and i mean everything.
from car seat to video monitor to stroller, to homemade baby food.
it was as though were at an all-inclusive resort.
it was simply and purely wonderful.

didn’t oprah declare wichita as one of the most boring places she has visited?
well, she obviously did not hang with my friend, KS.
i found wichita to be absolutely fabulous.
we did fly over bales of hay right before landing,
but i find that exciting, not at all dull.

i loved spending so much time with L
and i think he enjoyed all the time he was able to spend with me.

i learned so much from spending so much time with KS.
she is an incredible Christian woman,
wife and mother.
the devotion and endless love
she shows for her husband and children is nothing short of admirable.
she is superwife and supermom.
all packed in one.

right after KS got married, she and her groom traveled the world.

she also paints.
because she is incredible.
and her fabulous house allows for her to have her very own painting studio.
can you even imagine?
me neither.

another addition to her long list of talents is that she is a fantastic cook.
we munched on these all weekend long.
and of course, they are from her garden.

look at those clouds!

A, was such a good little mommy-in-training.
she wanted to do everything that we did.
including nurse her babydoll.
she even got to use her momma’s hider.

while the boys were sleeping, A busied herself by doing crafts.

she didn’t have any idea that she was adorning the
most perfect
tomato soup mustache.

A was a sincerely sweet and happy child.

not only was she absolutely darling
but she also wanted to help out in any way that she could.

this might possibly be my most favorite photo
(KS took it).

little P was such a good playmate for L.

he showed him what life as a one year old is all about.

swimming buds.

my little swinging baby.

what sweet little fingers.

because KS lives in kansas, that means that she has a basement.
which also means that L was able to sleep in a room
all to himself that didn’t have one window.
which means that it was dark and quiet.
every mother’s dream.

and this is what happened when i left L’s side for just a moment.
(thanks for the photo, DS!)

spending a weekend in kansas showed me what living in
peace and
calmness and
feels like.
i can’t wait to go back.

206. realizing three days after returning, that my watch is still on kansas time
207. a surprise fireworks show
208. walking in grass
209. running in grass
210. fireflies

4 thoughts on “the all-inclusive resort in kansas.”

  1. wow.
    first off, i'm from kansas, so i'm TOTALLY JEALOUS.
    secondly, what a great way to describe your vacay—peace and calmness and clarity. i yearn for those things right now.

    great photos, friend 🙂

  2. Great picture! Sounds like you have the perfect getaway with an amazing friend ~ beautiful memories.

  3. yeoldesandwichshoppeva

    first – that pouty face is sooo endearing.

    second – i love hooter hiders!!

    third – great pictures! glad you had a fun vacay!

  4. It sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful visit! There's nothing like a sister. That last picture of L is ADORABLE 🙂

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