L, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.

but we just were!!
and, it was lovely.

L and i were supposed to go to wichita, kansas
last month but then he got sick so we had to cancel our trip.
we were so blessed with the opportunity to
have a do-over and soaked up every last moment spent in kansas.

KS and L in KS.

her sweet boy, P.

her adorable girl, A.

us girls.

we met pre-kids at church and have been (somehow) able to talk weekly for years.
i hadn’t met either of her kiddos and she hadn’t met L.
we talked non-stop for four days.
it was wonderful.
more details of the trip to come…

201. laughter and tears with KS
202. a nice passenger on the airplane who fanned a hot L
203. friendly wichita people
204. returning home
205. the wonderful greeting in-n-out burger always provides

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  1. Just wondering how you are doing and how baby boy is, other than super, super cute. praying for you.

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