more picking.

woo hoo.

sometimes i feel like i’m still pregnant with L
since when we’re out, he’s almost always in the ergo.
i’m just glad i didn’t have to give birth to a 22 pounder.

last week, we headed out to one of our favorite farms
to see the animals and pick some fruit.
as you recall, picking fruit is one of my favorite things to do.
now, when i go with such young children, i have to set my expectations really low
as to how much fruit we will actually be able to bring home.
but i know one of these days, having lots of kids will pay off big-time
when it comes to picking fruit.

this momma loves her some silhouettes
the goals of the day were
to spend a good chunk of it outside,
get as dirty as possible and
pick just enough raspberries
to make B’s favorite homemade ice cream.

as you can tell, queen K,
(as she will be referred to in this post, and this post only)
wanted to store up as much energy as possible
so that she could unleash a fruit picking monster later on the day.

thanks to sweet K (not queen K),
for her willingness to pull queen K around in the wagon.

all aboard, the awesome wooden train.

Aunt R and N getting ready to feed the animals.

N, stifling a smile

this girl just belongs on a horse.

sweet K and Auntie B


there is something absolutely lovely about
being outside in the middle of nowhere.

and the fields of flowers!
so awesome.

miss confidence and her boots
(which used to be her brother’s)

what else would you expect Auntie B to serve on a farm
but freshly baked soft pretzels.
and let me tell you,
she gave Auntie Annie a run for her money.

D and the sunflowers

queen K was a great fruit picker, but somehow,
none of her pickings ended up in the container.

he’s got a sweet little grin in this shot because
i told him it was time to go and that we only had time for him to pick just five strawberries.
we’re all glad that he picked so many more than five.

231. fresh raspberries
232. wagon rides
233. pony rides
234. haystacks
235. rows and rows and rows of fresh fruit and veggies

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  1. Wow. Looks like so much fun! I use a Beco (which is very similar to the Ergo) and I love it. It makes going out so much easier.

  2. so fun, hill! now i must take abby there! give me the 411 on the "middle of nowhere" farm.

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