here, there and everywhere.

this is all over the place.
just like my mind today.

first off…

aren’t these the most beautiful tomatoes you’ve ever laid eyes on?
and they taste even better than they look.

L and i have been pouring through paperwork, assessments and evaluations

in order to prepare to fight for his much-needed therapies.

see, in this photo, he’s showing me that in this report,
his doctor recommends he continue with all therapies,
not discontinue them.

as you can tell,

he’s been a huge help.

and for some other random things…
when i was visiting my sweet friend, KS in KS, we went into downtown wichita
and pulled into a parking garage. i kid you not, her 3 year old
asked where we were as she had never been in one.
not in wichita, at least.
how awesome is that?
so awesome.

and, (note to self) while complimenting the TSA officer of the efficiency and ease
of going through security at the airport in wichita,
i got a complete pat down.

while in KS, i learned that KS and her husband have a rule.
whoever is last out of bed in the morning has to make the bed.
B must have thought i was joking because
it’s been over two weeks since i told him about it.
i wasn’t.

and lastly, i just took my sis to the airport
and she packed four pairs of heels with her.
for a six-day trip.
i cannot even imagine.

236. sleeping the best i have slept in years
237. an all alone drive in the car
238. a full, wonderful day ahead
239. Auntie B who does my costco shopping
240. finding exactly what i needed at staples

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