yum. yum. yum.

oh, how we love ice cream.
well, except for K, but hopefully that will change one of these days.
my guess is that it’s just too darn cold for her.
but, she doesn’t enjoy whipped cream either.
weird, i know… right?

we found ourselves at this adorable little ice cream parlor.
it was such a fabulous place that the only cones they had were waffle cones.

since they only had the fancy cones, that meant that everything was crazy expensive.
thanks for forking over the bill, dad!
but nobody would disagree that it was
i’m craving my chocolate hazelnut praline as i type this.

i’m just glad that D can enjoy a good scoop with me.
it’s probably because i had one bowl of ice cream
of my third trimester when i was pregnant with him.
thata boy.

141. ice cream
142. ice cream in a waffle cone
143. beautiful, beautiful weather
144. finding (thanks to Auntie B) the most quiet post office
where the worker helps bring your packages to her window
145. eating take-out

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