this weekend, i was supposed to be gone.
L and i were to take a trip to visit a sweet friend.
but then… L got a cold.
even though it was a little cold, we were not allowed to go
(per the doctor’s orders).
big bummer.
huge bummer.

but, since B was going to take the big kids to his mom’s for the weekend,
we kept with that part of the plan.
so even though L and i didn’t actually go anywhere,
it was a nice, refreshing weekend.
just the two of us.

i did some of this
(baking more
and more
and more
sweet potatoes
for my little sweet potato).

i did a lot of this.

and more of this.

and even this.

i know, when do i ever put my feet up when i’m not sleeping?
and reading?
reading a book that has absolutely nothing to do with child rearing, in fact.

and get this, i started many projects and
wait for it….
finished them too!

life with one child was so simple and easy.
(and just so you know,
when i had just one child, i would have never
described my daily life as “simple and easy”)
and even though i was absolutely relishing in the peace around here,
i found myself longing for the noise.
the good, comforting noise
that comes with having a bundle of small children in the house.
all at once.
even if they are constantly climbing on each other
until one’s laughter turns to tears.
even then.

so even though the house looked immaculate,
and it was so quiet,
it was just a tad too quiet for me.
maybe just a happy balance is needed.
i don’t even know what that would look like or how to pull such a thing off.

136. the bathroom hand towel that stayed hung up all weekend long
137. grocery shopping with one child and not rushing to get home to the others
138. sleeping with only one monitor on
139. getting ahead (even only slightly)
140. long, uninterrupted phone calls

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