pasta, pasta, pasta pie.

K decided to stick a rather large piece of pasta up her nose.
i did not realize this until she showed me what came out of her nose.
so gross.
so so gross.
my grandfather was an ear, nose and throat doc
so he always told my sibs and me many stories of all of the
coins, marbles, peas and the like that he had to fish out of kids’ noses.
i wish he were still around to share stories like those with my kids
so that they would be terrified ever doing anything like that.

she can breathe more easily now.

D’s reading has taken off.
but B and i are mourning a teensy bit because
we have had to say goodbye to spelling quick short words to one another.
well, that was a fun phase.

besides thinking he’s pretty much the best thing in the entire world already,
L is soaking up the fact that all of his books can be read to him by D.

in other news, our housekeeper didn’t show up today.
the breakfast dishes were cleared at lunch and the lunch dishes at dinner.
i don’t think we pay her enough.
that’s why she just refuses to work some days.
(the housekeeper is me)
and yes, i did enjoy my day off.

161. the fact that i feel as though pandora can read my mind
162. 5:30pm (when B comes in to rescue me)
163. playing in the front yard
164. how stickers never fail to entertain
165. sweet little girls

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