one lonely bug.

K and i had a girls only date today.
we of course, went to starbucks.

but we then went to coffee bean, to pick up a little something for B,
because that’s what he prefers.

her eyes reveal that she is a silly, silly girl.
my eyes reveal that L had a night waking last night.

this poor little guy must have thought he won the jackpot…
until it started getting really, really cold.
i found him when i took the popsicles
of the freezer.

and if you think i look worn out,
you’re absolutely right.
i was a bit chipper this morning.
but only a bit.

in moments like this,
i really appreciate that the color of our popsicles match our table.

K seemed to enjoy hers but then dropped it on the ground more than once.
and more than once i had to pry it from her hand to wash it off.

happily eating outside.

first bite of popsicle.

wait for it…

and success!

needless to say, he

just chillin’.

and if he could do it,
L would give you
for summertime.

116. strawberry popsicles
(made from the foam i scraped off of the fruit rollups we made for my birthday)
117. the youngest two asleep by 6:30pm
118. driving through the clouds to the sunshine
119. new bathing suits
120. a clean floor under the dining table (all too rare)

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