building books.

what have we been up to?

a lot of hanging around, reading books.
that’s what.
K prefers reading books from big stacks.
even while at Grammy’s house,
K promptly removed the books from a basket to stack them.
she goes through about forty five books a day.
i only wish i were exaggerating.
that makes for a lot of books
that need to be put back at the end of each day.

we’ve also been using those books to build all sorts of things with blocks.

but mostly libraries.
seems only fitting.

we’ve also been putting weird toys on our heads.

111. K’s desire to help me fold the laundry
112. a long soak in the bath
113. nothing on the schedule for tomorrow
114. planning for a trip
115. reading the Word and coming across the verse
that passed through your head earlier in the day.

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