putt putt.

yay for birthdays!
we just celebrated B’s birthday.
and you know that i love a good birthday celebration.
my husband loves this country
and since we are nearly to the 4th of july,
i figured it would be fun if i made a red, white and blue cake.

this was the beginning of the ice cream cake that he requested
unfortunately, i don’t have any gel food coloring, so my red turned out pink.
fortunately, it didn’t matter because the cake was so delicious.

for part of his birthday wish, he wanted
the whole fam to go mini-golfing and then out to dinner.
we grabbed our clubs, we each picked a different color ball
and B grabbed a scorecard.
about ten seconds into the first hole, he recognized how silly that was.
all rules were thrown out before one of us even teed off.
at one point, i saw K accidentally kick her ball
and once she realized that it went a lot further using her foot,
she kicked it again.

even though the red club was the medium size,
K had to use it because it matched her hat and her ball.
even L got to go on the greens.
the kids were kind of spooked by this hole until B showed them how it worked.
then, they wanted to play it again and again.
back in 2001, i made my very first
on hole #11.
that’s probably when B fell madly in love with me.
i nearly made it happen again.
and if any of you watch modern family, B experienced a very phil birthday.
same mini-golf course.
same batting cages.
and yes, it was awesome.
while we were eating dinner,
we realized that in the one year that L has been born,
that was the first time that we were all out to dinner…
without anyone else there (a.k.a. any grandparents) to help.
needless to say, we made it through the meal.
just barely.
today, K and i set up our inflatable pool in the backyard.
of course, it was one of the gloomiest days around here yet.
it even rained (barely) this morning.
but that didn’t stop the kids for one instant.
since the water was fresh,
i declared it close enough to a real bath
and jammies were put on right after they exited.
i think they put in plenty of toys.
106. celebrating B’s birthday
107. an understanding husband when i fall asleep while watching a movie.
even on his birthday
108. meeting another little one with the same diagnosis as L
109. being encouraged by that little one’s progress
110. L getting approved for a couple extra weeks in our mommy-and-me
without even having to fight for it.
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