weird things like this happen to me a lot.
and i mean, a lot.
things that are hard to explain.
things that are hard to get an answer to.
complicated things.
you see, we have this tree in our backyard off which i would pick limes and use quite often.
every once in a while, i would see a lemon underneath the tree.
i assumed that some of the little squirrels that frequent our yard
had been dropping them under there.
or, that our neighbor had a lemon tree that was intermingling with our lime tree.
but then i started seeing lemons grow on our lime tree.
i would cut into the limes and they definitely tasted like limes and then i would cut into the lemons and they would taste like lemons.
and both were growing on our tree.
i know.
so confusing.
i didn’t know where to go for the answer.
and then the most amazing thing happened.
i spotted a tag on the trunk of the tree that i hadn’t ever seen before.
and on that tag was the kind of tree.
so, i googled it (of course).
and here’s what i found.

yes, that’s right. our limes turn yellow when they are fully ripe.
i know.
so confusing.
have you ever heard of such a thing?
neither have i.
but now i know.
and now you know.
no more mystery.
and they sort of taste like a lemony-lime.
they’re great.

and my mother-in-law just gave me the most incredible lemonade recipe.
it is awesome.
you must try it.
you must, you must.

i’ve always wanted to be a farmer.
how wonderful to grow something and then get to enjoy it.
the mere thought makes my heart go all aflutter.
the kids and i ventured into the backyard
where we found the 10 lemons/limes that are needed for this recipe.
it really calls for lemons but i thought i’d try our lemony-limes since we had them.
in our backyard.
i know.
how cool.

boil 4 cups of water with 4 cups of granulated sugar

cut the yellow skins from 10 lemons
(not the white rinds which tend to be bitter)

after the sugar water has boiled, put the skins into the pot
and let the mixture cool for about an hour

until the skins become rather translucent.
remove the skins (whose oil has now been soaked into the sugar water)
with a slotted spoon.

squeeze the juice of the 10 lemons
and add to the sugar water.

always have your handy assistant at the ready.

put into a tupperware,
scoop out a couple scoops, add water
to make enough for just a glass or an entire pitcher.

it is utterly fabulous with a fresh sprig of mint.

enjoy it with your sweet sister and everyone else who comes to visit.

this photo is taken by K
is utterly fabulous as well.

see, the lemonade just makes everyone smile!

I have come that they may have life,
and have it to the full.
John 10:10b

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