um, yeah… that’s ours.

things you don’t often see at the dry cleaners…

dry cleaners
no wonder they called to let us know that Lambie was ready to be picked up.

also, in honor of
{embrace the camera} challenge
here’s our shot of the day.
which includes me.
a tired
makeup free.

a momma and her boys
L adores D
it completely melts my heart.
i can’t wait for their relationship to
and grow.
and grow.
and, i hope that they don’t fight like D and K do.
they probably will though.

Sons are a heritage from the LORD,
children a reward from him.
Psalm 127:3

3 thoughts on “um, yeah… that’s ours.”

  1. Found you through Emily's blog! We also have the same "lambie" and I had no idea we could take him to the cleaners! We also have the lambie rocker…which just mysteriously got chocolate on it's head! Great pic! I need to get going on this challenge!

  2. Coming over from Anderson Crew! We have the same lamb chair.

    Love the pics, personalities shining through!

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