healing laughter.

after a teensy more rest (okay, not really)
but we are praying that L’s sleep throughout the night improves
and his 5am wake-ups are just a
this week ended on a much better note than the post i left you with on thursday.

okay, now this is just weird. the kids and i were scooting home from an errand and i spotted a familiar figure at the bus stop right near our house. i pulled over, flipped on my emergency flashers and hopped out. the moment i saw her face, i broke down. she was the nurse who took such incredible care of our L in the PICU in december. we hugged and she told me that she was headed back to the PICU to bless some other family’s life. we haven’t run into anyone outside of the hospital who had cared for L until now it’s been two in one week? wild.

the weekend was spent celebrating with friends.
both of whom we have
and prayed
and prayed for.

on saturday, B and (with L) headed down to san diego for a baby shower. it was nearly a date. we had hours upon hours upon hours of uninterrupted time to talk while on the road. sounds like a nightmare to most men, right?
it probably was to B, too. but, on an average day it is nearly impossible to communicate a single word to each other unless all three children are sound asleep.
i only wish i was joking.
anyway, our sweet friends are due with their first child (unless of course you count three dogs as children… which my sister might). we were thrilled to celebrate such a happy occasion with them.

the next event was a first birthday party for the daughter of some dear friends.
after a long while of praying that they would be blessed with a baby, this little girl
(with some of the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen) was born with a hole in her heart.
she had surgery to close it when she was four months old.
this girl already has quite the story to tell.

i’ve been laughing a lot lately.
at my children.
to the point of crying.
it’s been wonderful.

one story is just too complicated and (a bit embarrassing) to share.
it involved D, a pair of my underwear and his bad short-term memory.
you’ll just have to take my word for it. it was absolutely hysterical.
i am giggling now just thinking about it.

another story is best shared with this photo:

filling up the water table
K asked if she could fill up the water table, so B gave her the hose (always a dangerous move) and i stood at the back door laughing so hard at her attempt to fill up the table. she was patient and didn’t seem to be bothered that nearly zero water was actually getting into the table.
can you hear me?
K singing one of her unique and beautiful songs.

his new teether

L deciding my iphone was a good teether.
i don’t think so.

washing her feet
K washing her feet.
i suppose that’s one way to do it.

i best fold laundry tonight, or i know it will not get done this week
(until my parents come to visit on friday).

26. the blessing of dropping off two children at their grandparents’ house and leaving thirty seconds later
27. family time
28. quiet car rides (really, just without noisy, noisy children)
29. birthday cupcakes with some insane chocolate frosting
30. a brand new week
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