not awarded mother of the year.

i am sure glad that i wasn’t trying to win a mother-of-the-year contest.
i would have been disqualified, today.
my hope is that tomorrow will
be new.
and fresh.
and different.
and nice.
is that too much to ask?
i’ll be sure to let you know.

but after a day like today, it’s so great to remind your children that
we are all sinners and that we all so desperately need Christ.
even mommy.

“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”
Romans 3:23

we haven’t been up to too much around here other than me being L’s personal teether while he nurses…

those teeth
yeah, it’s been fun. real fun.
and yes, he does smile like that every single time he bites down.
he can cross those little teeth off of his Christmas list.

L is very particular.
and by very particular, i mean that he only wants me.
if B feeds him his solids, it always takes forever. and, after blaming him on numerous occasions, i’ve now realized that it isn’t B’s fault. i’ve witnessed it and he does everything the same way i do. the other morning i (selfishly) took a shower and this is what i found when i got out…

and yes, L was still eating slowly.

really, anytime i am not holding him, this is the face that i see.
what a pout.

my little heart breaker.

and just so you know, we have plenty of gross stuff happening around here.
but, you’re going to just have to take my word for it.
never, and i repeat, never in those moments do i have an extra hand available to take photos, nor would anyone, and i repeat, anyone ever want to see such photos.

but, there are those moments that don’t need immediate assistance
(i.e. there aren’t any bodily fluids involved).

D said that this was my special surprise.
he hooked every hanger he could get his hands on to another hanger. every mom’s dream, right?
he was having such a good rest time, he didn’t even come out early once.
he said that he thought i would smile. he’s just lucky i decided to turn this into a photo moment and not get upset with him. next on the to-do list,
show D what a good surprise is.

fyi, when your child is upset over who-knows-what and won’t stop crying,
taking a photo of them doesn’t settle them down.
just in case you were wondering.
she must have known i would post this on my blog.

at two and a half, K has obviously perfected the whine.
the new thing that L has been working on in the speech category is perfecting his own whine.
oh well, i’ll take whatever i can get in regards to speech development.

and after mastering the back-to-tummy roll-over last week,

and we sit
he is now a sitter!

B picked me up some of the most beautiful flowers i have ever seen.
apparently, they’re really hard to find on the west coast.
i was amazed over and over again at the rate in which they bloomed.
they nearly became my favorite flower
(just like you, Annie O).
but then… they started to stink.
please tell me that that terrible smell is not normal with peonies.
please, please, please.

and she's two
she’s still a toddler. doesn’t this photo just give it away?

old hair
my baby girl has grown up (just a little) today.
K got her very first haircut.
i had to get rid of the long hairs in the back
that were making her look a little mullety.
plus, there’s no business to this little gal. she’s only interested in partying.
she was afraid that the haircut would hurt so i asked D if haircuts hurt.
his reply: “yep.”
not helpful.
so, while she was filling up a bucket at the water table, i brushed her hair and
snuck in the cutting element of the haircut. when i was finished she had had no idea.
and, the fact that her hair is curly is totally on my side
because you will never know that it’s not straight.

new hair
doesn’t she just look a little more grown up?

21. K’s curly hair
22. a husband that doesn’t care that the house is in complete disrepair.
too often.
23. my weekly retreat tomorrow morning
24. Auntie B, who when asked if she wants to stay for dinner – doesn’t bat an eyelash when she ends up making the entire thing.
and yes, everyone needs their own Auntie B.
25. another great report from a doc (the endocrinologist this time)

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  1. oh boy. i have those days. mother of the year days. 🙂 and that's just with one. yikes. yes, sometimes i'm nervous about what the future holds. (and then I come read your blog – three posts in a row today, jackpot! and I'm inspired 😉 – seriously)
    Happy Happy Anniversary. And I love the family converse. So cute. I bet you all made quite a splash at the getty. Can't Wait to see those family pics. looking forward to our June playdate. 🙂 xo

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