take me out to the old ball game.

we did something spontaneous.
i don’t usually like that word.
actually, i abhor that word.
the mere thought of doing something spontaneous makes my palms sweat.
i am a planner through and through.
i like to be prepared and with that comes
lots of thought,
and planning,
and perfect timing.
but, since B is very spontaneous, i went with it.
and you know what?
it wasn’t so bad.
it was actually very, very good.
but do you think i’ll be spontaneous again anytime soon?
not if i have anything to do with it.

we took the kids to our local college’s last baseball game of the year.
we couldn’t beat the price of the $2 tickets.

K, our most athletic in the bunch thus far.

baseball game
all eyes on the game.

she sat in
(i missed the photo op in seat #7)
i suppose it was to make sure she had the very best possible view.

day 3 of {embrace the camera} challenge.

me & my girl
my girl and me.

36. finding action figures in a certain little boy’s bed
37. starting a project
38. finishing that same project
39. waking up to the sound of a baby laughing… in his sleep
40. spontaneity

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