kissy kissy.

L has the wildest bangs.
his hair actually grows in two directions which forms this wave of wispy hair,
right on the very top of his head.
it was kind of cute for a while
but then it started to look like he was trying to
win a competition for the biggest bangs from the eighties.
they were totally curling over and everything.

old hair
see what i mean?

so, i finally broke down and gave him his first real haircut.
(although, when he was in the PICU in december,
they had to shave a small patch of his head
for the IV– but i refuse to count that as his first haircut.)

the hair
the cut hair.

new hair
the new hair.
see how happy he is!

day 4 of {embrace the camera} challenge.

kissy kissy
kissy kissy.
i am happy to report that i am
that L will kiss.

other than that, we’ve just been hanging out on the floor.

41. chocolaty desserts in the afternoon
42. well-napped children
43. fun, full weekend plans
44. the end of the day
45. taking photos
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