i’m back!

every spare second of this past week has been spent
day dreaming,
of all things whimsy.
of all things wonderful.
thus… no extra moment to blog.
but do not fear.
i have missed you terribly.

i’ve been running around like a wild momma
and now it’s time to get back into the normally chaotic swing of things.

good morning!

mother’s day was amazing.
i was so happy to not be in a hospital.
i have an entirely new appreciation for so many little tiny things.
and who doesn’t love a holiday?


here is a shot of all seven grandchildren
(and the mommas and the Grammy).
one child born every year since 2003.

we got a huge box filled to the brim of books from Grandma Pink.
nearly all are first editions and the kids have devoured
a couple of them even adorn K’s first and last name
since she has an aunt with the same name.
we feel so blessed.
one of our new favorites has been read over and over and over.


nearly every single morning, my knight in shining armor gets up with little L who always wakes
much, much, much too early. i (somehow) was able to tear myself from my warm and cozy bed
once this week and the most incredible thing happened.
the sunshine slowly seeped into our house and hit my face at exactly 6:27am.
it was so nice to have the sunshine join us. it was as glorious as it sounds.
and no, i haven’t gotten up with him since that day.

flowers from our garden.

Delight yourself in the LORD

and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

11. the shadows of the leaves dancing on the wall
12. needing 80 cents to pay for parking in a garage and having 85 cents with me
13. getting the report that we never need to see L’s eye doctor ever again
14. being able to spend nearly the entire day outside
15. seeing friends who have moved away

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i am beyond grateful for you.

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