11 months and painting

B and i speak in code, when necessary.
we sometimes refer to each child by their numerical order in our family.
but, the other day D asked “who’s uno?”
he’s onto us.
we now say the numbers in japanese.
it should take him a little while to figure that one out.

my sweet sis, Aunt CC came into town from texas to visit for the weekend
and we were able to spend some great quality time with her.
here is L soaking up the extra attention.

K felt the need to give L mickey, babydoll’s blanket as well as a spoon and a fork.
we now have a new rule: do not give L silverware.
who would have thought it would have to come to this?

the only way that i can truly and honestly be fully present for the simple mundane moments of our daily life is if i have my act together. i am a planner by nature so if i don’t know what needs to happen next or what’s going to happen next, i have a very hard time enjoying the right now. i’ve tried many different tactics over the years but the one that seems to be the most effective for me is when i have a weekly retreat. when the week comes and goes and i haven’t had time away, time for me to grasp the bigger picture of what my focus needs to be on, i don’t function well. or at all. as my Bible study teacher says, “if you don’t come apart you will come apart.”

while i was gone, planning the week ahead today, D apparently said,
“boy, it sure is peaceful without mommy around.”
well, what can i say? i am a mover and shaker. i don’t do well just sitting around.

we love a good birthday celebration around here.
this week we were able to celebrate Grandad’s birthday.

D used the mixer while K timed him.

and K was in charge of putting the sprinkles on the green frosting.

of course, this book was read.

here’s to a blessed mother’s day.
what a special time to reflect on who i have not always been but who i have become.

i have learned so much from each of my three blessings.
for instance, D has taught me that anything and everything can and should be made into a craft.
he has also showed me that there is something funny about everything in life…
you just have to look for it.
K has taught me that every moment in life can be turned into a song and accompanied by a dance
and that every day is a cause for celebration.

this photo was taken today at my little brother’s college graduation!

L has taught me that i need to rely on God for every single breath that i take
and that joy only comes from the Lord.

at L’s mommy-and-me on friday he used paint for the very first time.
the PT asked me if he has ever painted before.
really? like i don’t have enough chaos in my house?
i looked her straight in the eye and asked her if that was a serious question.
apparently, it was.

we came back from our time outside and this sweet craft was waiting for me.
i nearly wept.

“for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”
Nehemiah 8:10

i have been completely and utterly humbled by each one of my children.
they see me at my best and at my worst and they completely and utterly still love me.
just like God.

6. pomegranate limeade from tjs
7. our oven
8. flowers picked from our yard
9. eating outside
10. celebrating birthdays

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