day fifty.the countdown is seriously on

on and off all day long i have had the hiccups.
in other, more interesting news,
we have nine days left of hibernation.
i’m scared.
and i’m tired of hiccuping.

i thought he was building a race track for all of his cars but it was actually a place for them “to watch tv.”
creative or sad?

what a sweetie (when she wants to be).

still a little groggy from his nap. but that’s what lambie is for.

“mommy, i look like you.”
i just have to wonder, is it really that big?

i spent the kids’ rest/nap time reading all about baby brain development. i am inspired, and oh so overwhelmed as to how to help L the very most that i can.

the big kids and i made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
from this month’s issue of everyday food.
hugely successful. hugely.
and it seriously took like eight minutes
until they were ready to go in the oven.

what a cute little pout.

right now, B and i are sitting on the couch after finishing an incredible dinner. we are both updating our blogs.
how nerdy are we.

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