day forty nine.7:06pm

has it really been forty-nine days? man, that’s a lot. feels like a lot too. i am so ready for this hibernation thing to be over. i can’t wait to be amongst the real world again with my three babes.
and i’m so tired of hearing “what’s next, mom” from D.

the kiddos picnicking with their Papa
(photo thanks to my mom)

wow. lots of (pretend) boo boos. Ah, babydoll and K
all adorning bandaids.

once i got all three kids down for their naps, this lovely piece of ice cream cake was waiting for me on the couch.

while i was bathing L, the big kids and B found Woody using the potty while reading a toy story book. how embarrassing.

it was a long day. and i was in my pajamas before D even got into bed: 7:06pm. yep. who says having kids has changed me?

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