day fifty sleep for mamma

i should have called in sick today. no, i wasn’t sick. just exhausted. little L was up for over two hours last night and then once he finally did fall asleep… i couldn’t. but, i did get somewhat of a nap this afternoon. it helped a teensy tiny bit. okay, it didn’t really help that much but i’m hoping to be in bed earlier than ever.
i didn’t even take a photo until it was well past 4:30pm.
that’s the kind of day i was having.

our beautiful tree which is looking quite wintry these days.

while K was napping (a.k.a. using the potty) she was admiring my wedding ring. she said that she needs to get married. maybe after rest time. i told her that she would grow up and hopefully find that perfect boy to marry. she said “i cannot see his eyes” and i told her that i couldn’t see his eyes either but that i was praying for him.

looking kind of suspicious. he can’t be thinking of being a stinker again tonight, i hope.

playing some good tunes with his daddy.

a rare shot of me since i have not allowed D or K to use my camera after i sent it in for servicing. (photo thanks to B)

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