day fifty four.button, button, who’se got a button?

i couldn’t clear the dishes from the dining room table this morning because i couldn’t move the clean bath toys from the kitchen counter to the bathroom until i cleaned the bathroom and i couldn’t clean the bathroom while L was asleep (as i can’t chance waking him up… ever) and i couldn’t clean the bathroom while L was awake (because who can hold a baby and clean the bathroom at the same time?). so, things just kind of stayed in their places for the entire day.
and it was okay.
it was actually more than okay.

while playing go fish this morning, when D would ask K if she had a particular card, she would reply “no thank you.”
if it was a game about manners, she would have won.

when you get bored with your toys, there’s always toilet paper!

thanks to the fun idea and the sweet supplies from G,
we did button art! what a fun time we had. i even joined in!

the man that D and K jointly created.

K’s button creation.

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