day fifty three.the last monday

today felt like a monday.
although, today was the very last monday of hibernation.
can you believe it?

gotta love that drool.

i had the big kids clean all of their bath toys in the kitchen sink today. with a couple of toothbrushes and some vinegar, the toys were clean and boredom had been avoided. phew.

Auntie B had the brilliant idea of heading out to the beach today.
i could not have done it without her help or
the travel potty we brought along for K.
but if i had to pick one, it would have been Auntie B.

as you can see, it was simply lovely outside today. the moment we touched the sand, D was covered in it from head to toe. it was as if he had been at home for nearly fifty-two days or something.

mountains were created and then quickly destroyed,

the kids did some watercoloring (with a bit of sand mixed in),

and L and i snuggled up the entire time.

i read on an incredible blog about the importance of purposeful mothering. it’s so easy for me to think about all of the things i must do each and every day (laundry, nursing, picking up, cooking, feeding, reading, cleaning, wiping, dishes – although, B does most of those, thinking, planning, wondering, hoping, praying…) and forget about why i am doing all of this and for whom. i lose my focus. it’s like when i don’t look through the viewfinder of my camera and to no surprise, end up with horrible photos.

that’s how today started out. i felt like garfield as i just wanted to climb back into bed. but then, something changed and i remembered that it’s those small teensy tiny almost missable moments that it’s really all about. it’s about being faithful and not perfect. and much too often i focus on the perfect part
(which i am not and cannot be) and forget about just being faithful. i’d love to say that i’ve mastered all of this during this time away from the world but i haven’t. and i probably never will. it will always be a daily struggle. but being conscious of it and being faithful to Him are where i need to be focused.

“Be still, and know that I am God”
Psalm 46:10

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