day fifty five.wish i were working nine to five

i told B tonight that when K doesn’t take a nap it’s like showing up
for work and having them let you know that you’ll be working overtime and won’t be getting paid for it.
it makes for a very long and draining day.
but, there’s always the hope that she will tomorrow.

this guy organizes everything he can get his hands on.
i have absolutely no idea where he gets that.

i also find this the best way to eat my morning snack.

there she goes, hamming it up once again.

K said to me today,
“Mommy, I love you.
Mommy, I love the pillow.”
wow. thanks, babe. i feel so special.

working on our letters.

this boy loves his orange.

the chub angle.

sewing with paper.

K’s cute new sneakers.

sleep tight.
don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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