day fifty little super hero

after such an incredibly touching Bible class this morning, i felt refreshed and renewed. it’s been too long since i’ve felt that way. good thing too because i spent much of the rest of the day on the phone getting much of that goodness drained from me.

whenever i get up in the morning and am not happy about my hair, i am always reminded that it could be worse. thanks for that reminder, K.

this little guy has been really happy today. seriously.
hardly any fusses. and he’s our fussiest baby yet.
he also realized how to make a new sound.
oh, the joys of being 8 months old.

playing with his daddy, but all eyes on his mommy.

a full lap.

getting his massage, like a pro.

what a sweet little thing.

his new “mommy’s super hero” jammies.
look at those muscles.

there’s a lot more refreshment and renewing just for me coming tomorrow. the great thing about being up so much at night with L is that tomorrow will be here before i know it!

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