salt in my coffee (honest reflections).a continuation

and yet, God.
this week, two lovely friends have nudged me to lament.
on two separate moments.
and a full and complete lament
is not only the complaining to God
but then the remembering of
who He is.
and who I am because of who He is.
what He has done and what He promises to do.
so here is continuation of the iep lament.

they may fail us, but God never will.
He can’t and He won’t.
His promises are never empty.
they are full of love and hope.

He knows and
He sees and
He protects and
He allows and
He withholds and
He loves and
He leads and
He gives and
He provides and
He is God.
He is an abundant God
high above the heavens and yet,
in our very breath.

His love for us is unmatched.
in all circumstances.
those favorable or
those abhorred.
and I am so grateful for that.
and for Him.

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salt in my coffee (honest reflections).iep

it’s iep season.
(a hug to all of the iep mamas out there.)
who wants to be average or typical anyway?

also, i may have said the phrase,
“i am so tired of babysitting adults.”
out loud.
to the team.
(note: not every single person on that zoom call needed babysitting.
there were a couple of gems logged in).

and, i may have also suggested that the team actually experience
a day of what it is like to help a child with special needs,
instead of just having meetings about said days.

supporting on paper is entirely different than actual support.
here, in real life.
where i live.

sometimes they can be a support team
and sometimes they can just be a group of people who translate
every word and
every report and
every suggestion
into how much that will cost them.

spoiler alert: those people are not actually on your team.
those people are not supporting your child.
or you.

rant over
(for now).

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