salt in my coffee (honest reflections).iep

it’s iep season.
(a hug to all of the iep mamas out there.)
who wants to be average or typical anyway?

also, i may have said the phrase,
“i am so tired of babysitting adults.”
out loud.
to the team.
(note: not every single person on that zoom call needed babysitting.
there were a couple of gems logged in).

and, i may have also suggested that the team actually experience
a day of what it is like to help a child with special needs,
instead of just having meetings about said days.

supporting on paper is entirely different than actual support.
here, in real life.
where i live.

sometimes they can be a support team
and sometimes they can just be a group of people who translate
every word and
every report and
every suggestion
into how much that will cost them.

spoiler alert: those people are not actually on your team.
those people are not supporting your child.
or you.

rant over
(for now).

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