ocean breezes.

last weekend, B and i went to my second cousin’s wedding.
without any children.
it was almost a date.
well, except for the fact that we carpooled with my parents.
and that there probably wasn’t one other place on earth
we could be with more family.
but whatever.
we’ll take what we can get these days.
the location for the wedding ceremony was absolutely lovely.
it was outside, amongst the swaying palm trees and ocean breezes.
i told B that if he closed his eyes it was almost as if we were on a tropical island.
with my parents, of course.
and obviously, with a ton of my family members.
but whatever.
it was still a break from reality.
a much loved break.
they had a photo booth at the reception.
B noted that photo booths are this year’s chocolate fountains.
B told me to make a serious face in photo 2
but i could see out of the corner of my eye
that he was making a silly face.
we (i) got better and better at making
the appropriate faces with each visit to the booth.
B on the other hand, can keep a straight face like nobody’s business.
and this was our interpretation of what happens to you when you have kids.
photo 1: elation
photo 2: confusion
photo 3: anger
photo 4: going cuckoo crazy
381. ocean breezes
382. a night out without the kids
383. ending the night with finding your children happily sound asleep
384. photo booths
385. B making me laugh.

the birthday girl.

K turned 3 yesterday.
i know.
how did that happen so fast?
i don’t know.
the festivities kicked off with waffles for breakfast.
B is our expert pancake maker and i do the waffles.
she and i made this sweet little headband
for her to wear while we celebrated.

and yes,
i let her have mini m&m’s at 10am.
Auntie B and i took her to get her nails and toes done.
she picked the two brightest pinks
(of course).
doesn’t she look like a pro?

the happy birthday girl

with her momma.
she’s been practicing showing how old she is.

any guesses on the color of cake that she wanted?
yep, nothing but pink
(of course).

the celebration was made complete
when we
may not
lit some sparklers in the backyard.
yeah, we love birthdays here.
376. exciting baby news (not us!)
377. playing outside
378. L sleeping in until 6:30am
379. a night out at the most wonderful restaurant
380. peaceful afternoons

it was a full visit.

B’s lovely college friend,
SS came to visit last week.
we all
had such
a wonderful
time with her.
she brought the sweetest gifts for the kiddos.
(and of course you remember that she
sent me this lovely package a while back.)
our days were filled to the max.
played with the kiddos,
(in fact, there was not one
or tear
or fight
while L’s PT was here.
that’s saying a lot).
she read to them,
did crafts with them,
we got some fun group shots
which went very quickly from this,
to this,
in a matter of nanoseconds.
we perused the getty villa,
where we…
saw some fall leaves changing color
(a real treat),
got rained on,
made a new friend,
in which we named,
mr. snail
whom we followed quite a bit.
i think K was more fascinated by him than she was the museum.
L got snuggled,
and then he snuggled lambie,
K threw pennies into the fountain
(a super treat since i never give the kids pennies for that).
and the fun didn’t stop there.
we ate tito’s tacos,
and SS made us the
apple pie.
from scratch
(along with an amazing dinner one night).

what a treat.

and what a full visit it was.
371. SS
372. the rainy weather last week
373. the toasty weather this weekend
374. dinner cooked by anyone other than me
375. faith-filled friends

laughter + more laughter.

it’s {embrace} the camera day!

i (bravely) asked K if she wouldn’t mind taking D and my picture.
56 seconds and 70 shots later,
(i wish i were exaggerating)
this is what we got…

but D and i were laughing hard.

really, really hard.

luckily, she did get some really great shots of:

the dishwasher.

and D’s shirt.

and the drawers.

and the microwave.

and the sticker charts.

and the cabinets.

Our mouths were filled with laughter,
our tongues with songs of joy.
Psalm 126:2

366. homemade apple pie (more on that later)
367. post rain
368. folding laundry with B
369. K’s made up songs
370. the Bible verse the kids have memorized this year at CBS

a sweet little girl.

oh, what a fabulous few days it has been.
okay, four days.
over the weekend, we had
our very first
special needs playdate.
it was
of course,
simply wonderful.
this sweet little girl’s mommy and i have become fast friends online,
(through a mutual friend)
and we were so thrilled to finally be able to meet each other,
in person.
although our children’s needs are different,
we have been able to relate on so many levels.
many levels.

and yes, L is pulling on K’s hair in the photo.
it’s one of his new favorite pastimes.
i say,
good for him.
it’s about time he start defending himself against her.
now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.
1 Peter 2:3
361. rainy day naps
362. a breakthrough with disciplining our children
363. studying 1 Peter
364. L’s sweet slobbery kisses
365. bon iver

lollipops for my girl.

it’s {embrace} the camera day!

K and i are

soaking up our time together while D is at preschool.
for some reason, i am a total pushover for my one and only girl.
she is basically getting away with just about everything she tries with me
when the boys are not around.
lollipop before lunch?
and for no good reason?
you bet!
yep, she’s hard to resist.
356. God’s protection over D when he hit his head in the bathroom
357. my new haircut
(warning: it will never look this good until i get it re-cut)
358. B’s night out with the guys
359. sleep, sleep and more sleep!
360. my sweet girl

waiting and waiting.

i know that girls are supposed to take longer in the bathroom.
it’s just something we are wired to do.
but, after waiting for an unnecessarily long time for K to come out,
i realized that she was mesmerized by her own reflection in the mirror.

she is pretty entertaining.
i do have to give her that.

i mean, that hair alone is enough to distract anybody.

my solution?
open the medicine cabinet
so all she can look at while washing her hands is shaving cream and toothbrushes.
problem solved.
351. L’s new ability to high five
352. the much cooler day
353. dinner out thanks to my dad and Uncle S
354. feeling like a new woman (more on that later)
355. clean rain gutters

and it was hot.

besides being really hot today,
we were really hot.
i think it was 106 today.
and that’s not how many faces and behinds i wiped
(although some days it does feel like that many).
so yeah, it was warm.
i should have had homemade popsicles at the ready,
but i didn’t.
i did offer ice cold water though.
lame, i know.
here is our thermostat
inside the house
this afternoon.
yeah, we don’t have a.c.
(as if it wasn’t obvious to you).
D has been making up a lot of signs lately.
this means “be quiet.”
the children were without shirts for the latter part of the day
and K was without a shirt, shorts and panties
for the latter, latter part of the day
while she was outside.
but she did keep her sandals on,
so i did have a minor victory.
it’s been exciting!
okay, well it hasn’t been
but it has been real.
346. fresh lemons
347. fresh grapefruit
348. the sweet baby who fell asleep in the ergo today at target
349. arriving at preschool way early for pickup (a first for me)
350. eating outside in the cooler (than the house) air
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