home again, home again.

we’re home now
but here’s what 
the last couple of days have looked like. 

this was right before his physical
bright and early on tuesday morning.

getting a couple last looks at his piggies.

L, after his “happy juice.”
oh my goodness.
that stuff is crazy.
he was instantly 
so happy and 
so drowsy and 
so calm. 
it made the pass-off much, much easier 
for everyone.

while my parents were dutifully watching the bigs,
Auntie B and Uncle J joined us in the waiting room.
we ate mcdonald’s 
(which was located not near but in the hospital)
while sitting at a kids’ table.

amazingly enough, the wait did not seem that long. 
not that long at all.
even though it was long.
and it was even longer than we all 
(including the doctors) had thought. 
but God’s peace was pouring all over us
and He carried us through the long wait. 

the sweet little boy 
was quite upset when he came to
after the surgery. 
once the morphine kicked in,
and he got some hugs from B and me,
he calmed right down. 

i love how his pulse ox looks like a little heart here.

our room had a great view. 

And surely I am with you always, 
to the very end of the age.
Mathew 28:20b

1111. no complications during surgery
1112. no complications post-surgery
1113. incredible doctors
1114. love and care for L
1115. pain relievers
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