not lonesome.

do you ever wonder what it’s like to be alone?
yeah, me too.

i was talking to a friend yesterday 
who lamented that her only alone time 
was in the bathroom.
i wish i could say the same. 

i feel like the only time my children aren’t yakking my ears off
or hanging off of my every limb
is when it’s dinnertime.
then i can’t seem to get them to come to the table.

i hope that doesn’t have anything to do with my cooking. 
for just last night, i served tacos
(with fresh cilantro from our garden!)
and D would not eat his meat and sour cream filled tortilla.
that was, until he was allowed to dip it in ketchup.
he may never complain about my cooking again.

i am not a fan of ketchup at all 
(sorry if that offends you)
but i do remember while growing up 
that my cousins would put ketchup on everything.
and i mean everything.
that’s probably why i can’t even stand the smell of it.

i think my children are laughing at me in this photo.
laughing at my dream that i might someday get a photo 
with all three of my children
smiling and
looking at the camera.
don’t you think?

who am i kidding.
that is not going to happen anytime soon.

but he’ll smile for me.
if i beg him.
even though being in front of the camera 
makes him uncomfortable.

and this little man,
he loves it when i take his picture.
actually, it’s sometimes difficult to get a shot of him
when he is not smiling and looking at the camera.
unless, he is with his siblings.
then he never looks and smiles.
not when they do anyway.
i think they’ve formed some sort of pact.

in other news,
L has his first post-op later today.
i am interested in hearing what L 
has to say to the doc 
because he has fully investigated his own wounds. 

the past two mornings, 
we have found L without a sock on his right foot 
and he has also now decided to remove the bandage on that foot.
again, i say yuck.

i’m looking forward
and not looking forward 
to the big reveal of his left foot today.
i accidentally saw some of it without a bandage 
when we were in the hospital and 
i think i will be forever scarred by that sighting. 
i don’t remember seeing much foot at all 
but lots and lots of stitches and blood.
i don’t think that L will be phased by any of this 
but i sure have been.

i’ll be sure to keep you posted.
you can count on that. 

fyi, these photos were taken before the operation.

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