music and ring pops.

L’s foot appointment went great yesterday.
other than the fact that 
once they removed the bandages on the left foot, 
he was so happy that 
he kicked and 
he kicked and 
he kicked 
until the end of his toe was bleeding. 
he now has a sweet little bandaid on his piggies.

and i got brave and took some good looks at the foot.
and i actually saw the foot (and not all of the stitches).
it looked better than what i had imagined. 
and don’t worry. 
i will not be posting any photos of his wounds.

B recently brought his guitar in the house. 

and little L has

seeing it, 
hearing it and 
playing it.
i think i’m going to get him into some music therapy.

and this was a long-awaited ring pop indulgence.

we got them over the weekend and
the bigs couldn’t wait until they could be enjoyed. 

My purpose is that they may be 
encouraged in heart and united in love, 
so that they may have the full riches 
of complete understanding, 
in order that they may know 
the mystery of God, namely, Christ,
in whom are hidden 
all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
Colossians 2:3-4

1126. not having to rush
(something very new for me)
1127. the joy that stickers bring
1128. a break in a day
where i shouldn’t have gotten a break
1129. the kids seeing God’s blessings
1130. a promised bath 
(rather than sponge-bath) for L
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