my mind has been so clouded lately.
but i’m only realizing it now.

i had freely placed a huge burden on my very own shoulders.
to keep this little baby in as long as i could.
i did this in my desire for control
and to avoid trials
instead of
trusting in Him.



and i don’t mean
trusting that everything will be okay
or will always work out fine
because those are empty words
and are void of any true meaning.
but trusting that He loves me.
and trusting that His control and will
is so much stronger than my own.
and what He allows or doesn’t allow
is always, always much better
than any “perfect” plan
that i could dream up.


so today i’m grateful for this clarity
and for finally letting go
of the responsibility to keep this baby in.
and the freedom in
letting and giving Him
the control over my life.
yet again.


For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.
1 Corinthians 14:33


3606. a long bath time for L
3607. a night out for the bigs and B
3608. bubble man
3609. dusk
3610. a night with the sweetest little boy

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