bonus time.

so we are just waiting.
waiting for this baby to arrive.
and i am in no rush to have this little one enter the world…
i haven’t yet hit that
“i’m done with being pregnant thing”
but instead am just soaking up all the kicks and hiccups
and the ease of bringing this baby everywhere i go.
and i am still in such awe that i’m nearly 39 weeks
and that the baby is still growing inside of me.
yet at the same time, i simply cannot wait to meet this little love!

i could just weep
when i think about bringing this baby up to my chest
the moment it is born.
like cry ugly tears.
i have never, ever gotten to do that.

it feels like every day that i am not in labor
is a bonus day.
whatever i get done
is above and beyond
any expectations that i have had for myself.
Ann Voskamp is right about how
expectations ruin relationships.
(and your life.)

if only i could live all my days like this.
i’ll definitely need to reread this
when i have four little people needing me at the same time.
yes, i must remember this.

and one of L’s doctors sent a prescription into our mail-away pharmacy,
and for the first time in four years,
all of the information on the prescription
carried over into their system.
and i didn’t have to make seven phone calls
to clear everything up.
it’s a miracle.
truly. truly.
bonus indeed.

Wait for the Lord;
be strong, and let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord!
Psalm 27:14

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