this one little girl.

we had a lovely time at VBS last week.
and it was made all the lovelier
by one little girl in L’s class.



she just looked at him differently
than all of the other kids did.
she saved a seat next to her for him during
crafts and snack
and was sure she stood next to him when we played games.



it touched my heart in unexplainable ways.
she asked lots of questions
as many kids do,
but her questions were different.



by the third day, i couldn’t wait to talk to her mom.
because i was curious to know
why this girl reacted so differently to L.
and sure enough,
i found out that her cousin has spina bifida.
so this little girl is used to being
around kids that are different.
and this made such a huge impact on me.
and i don’t think that i will ever forget this week
because of this little girl.



You are my refuge and my shield;
I have put my hope in your word.
Psalm 119:114


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