i am seeing glimpses of Him.
His joy.
His perfection.

i am beginning to see that again.
and it’s been a long, hard time of waiting.

i am grateful.
so very grateful to Him.
to Jesus.

seeing life through my camera lens.
it’s the best way for my heart.
you may see it through other forms of art.
or nature.
but this is how i see Him.
and it’s nothing short of magnificent.

and surprisingly,
seeing Him doesn’t come when
everything in life is working out.
it’s through the exact opposite, actually.

The earth is filled with your love, Lord;
teach me your decrees.
Psalm 119:64

2831. overhearing B’s shadow stories.
2832. and laughter.
2833. a giant purple flower. picked just for me.
2834. the most encouraging day.
2835. time with B.

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