as i prep for the new school year,
i am re-doing my weekly chore schedule
(which i absolutely positively failed at
during the summer).


and i’m trying to imagine how life will be
and often,
(far too often),
i desire to find that perfect system.

the one that i know is out there,
the system that some
brilliantly fabulous woman
has discovered
on how to handle it all.
and flawlessly.
the system.
just tell me what to do.
how to do it
and i will do it too.



but what my heart really needs to search for
is Jesus.
what my hearts needs is to seek Him.
and just as important,
to obey Him.
it’s that simple.
harder to actually do.
but simple and uncomplicated.


and His plan for my family
is a different plan for your family.
because what works for my family
might not work for yours.
and that’s okay.
that’s more than okay.
because like Sally Clarkson says,
we each have our own family puzzle to figure out.


For the Lord takes delight in his people;
he crowns the humble with victory.
Psalm 149:4


2786. the last of L’s summer therapies
2787. a morning to organize
2788. the sweetest little playdate
2789. wonderful new therapists
2790. not feeling exhausted

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