the beach.

i’ve written before about
L and my happy place:
the beach.



Auntie B has convinced me
that after every doctor’s appointment,
there should be a treat.



so, on friday, that is what we did.
just L and me.


and it was (of course) lovely.


he’s just about the most perfect
beach companion.


we mostly just sit and watch the waves
and soak in the glorious sunshine
and dig our fingers in the cold wet sand.


(i’m finding reminders of our
God’s great love everywhere)


and then when we’ve done plenty of that,
we head to the water where the cold at first waves
rush over our feet
and L laughs and signs “more”
and more come.


and soon, the water feels warm
and he giggles in anticipation
of the next wave coming.


and it is once again,
our happy place.



who spread out the earth upon the waters,
His love endures forever.
Psalm 136:6


2646. our happy place
2647. just listening to the waves
2648. a beach all to our own
2649. digging in the sand
2650. L staying awake for the drive home

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