i am a desperate mom. 
i am a mess.
some part of my life is always a mess.
i assure you, always.


for a long time,
i did a weekly project called
picture me {im}perfectly.


i want you to do something.
i want you to
picture me {im}perfectly.


because you know what?
i am not perfect.
not even close.


have you ever?
yes you have.


have you ever read a blog post
where you just knew that the lovely woman
who authored that blog had it all together?


and even though we know

in the way, way back of our heads
that they aren’t perfect,
we still sometimes convince ourselves
that they would never, ever have:


laundry that has been sitting on their couch for three days
waiting to be folded and put away or
a floor that desperately needs to be mopped or
dishes that just sit and sit and sit in the sink or
children who throw fits or
a craft that went completely awry.


so many bloggers seem to have it all together.
but we really know that none of us do.


and you know that?

that’s okay.

that’s more than okay.

that’s real life.


because no matter how prepared,
no matter how organized we are,
no matter how much planning we have done,
no matter how thoughtful we try to be,
sometimes things just fall apart and
sometimes we just fall apart.


and i think that we need the regular reminder
that that happens to everybody.


picture me {im}perfectly
is a weekly project to reveal
that we don’t have it all together.


you can see all the posts here
i loved it and never,
ever ran out of material. 
i just ran out of people
willing to air their dirty laundry
on the internet. 


so, i’m bringing it back!
and i need your help
to link up!

join me every wednesday
revealing to the world wide web
that you, too aren’t perfect. 


i wish this photo was
an atypical day at our house.

but it’s not. 

also, have you read desperate?

if not, you must.
you absolutely must. 
this book is incredible.
and just what i needed to read. 
and just what you need to read.


and, the desperate dvd launches today!
the dvd is all of the videos

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and today only, the desperate ebook
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also, monday through friday of this week, 
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for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God
Romans 3:23


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