a day in the life.

i was so inspired by
this day in the life post
that i decided to do my own.

so here you have it.
a day in our life.

6:15am :: L wakes up.
lucky for me, this is late.
and we’ll just ignore the fact that
he was up from 3-4am for
no. good. reason.


6:30am :: pull my sluggish body out of bed.
the kids watch tv.
my new routine has been to get in the Word
this early at the kitchen table.
my eyes and mind are transformed for the entire day.


L happily stays in the family room which is nice
because some mornings, he just wants to go
and repeatedly kiss B while he is trying
to sneak in a few more minutes of shut eye
(he did get up with L in the middle of the night).



7am :: prep breakfast
i keep it simple.
cereal + yogurt + fruit.
feed L his anti-seizure meds.

make lunches because i haven’t been good
at making them at night as of late.



frantically finish the last
hundred things that are needed
in order to leave the house
to get the bigs to school.
arrive just as the bell is ringing
(typical for me).

go on a walk with L.
music blasts in my ears.
he drops his zebra buddy he brought along.
see a mom friend from school
and she is heading in the direction we just came from
she says she’ll keep an eye out for it.
(i do not like to backtrack. ever.)


music continues to blast.

arrive home.
put laundry in.
hop in the shower.
say goodbye to B as he leaves for work.
get ready.
get L ready.

he won’t let go of his toothbrush so i let him keep it.
switch over laundry.
make coffee to go.
iced this morning.

leave the dirty dishes on the counter
and the dumped toys on the floor.

drive super far away to see an ipad specialist.

going to be late (typical).


drive super far to get home.
talk to KS on the way.
try to keep L from napping in the car.


L’s lunchtime.
feed him his anti-seizure meds.
see his red and swollen ear.
his pediatrician is stumped.
so are we.

i have washed everything he comes in contact with.
and it keeps happening.


switch the laundry over.
only two loads today
which seems almost manageable
but i still haven’t folded them yet.
or put them away
(i dread that part).

put L down.
watch him perfect his new skill:
standing up in his crib.


work at computer.

work on implementing my
mom heart conference notes into a google doc.


walk to pick up the bigs from school.

L has an OT session.
he laughs all the way through it.
it might be his new manipulation technique
for getting out of working.


my sis takes K to ballet.
the boys and i walk across the street
from our house to paint.
D paints.


L discovers ants for the first time.


finally tackle the dishes.
give L a bath.


my sister feeds L his dinner
and his anti-seizure meds. .

K has a bath.
put L to bed.
B comes home from work.
D takes a bath.
dinner for the bigs and B.

my girls come over for our Bible study.
i go to bed.

and that, my friends.
was our day.

Because of the Lord’s great love
we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.
Lamentations 3:22-23

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