i was absolutely blessed
to be able to do a little shoot
for a dear friend.
of this tiny, little girl
who has had such a hard start
into this world.


this little girl is now my friend’s daughter.

and i was so passionately reminded
yet again that
without Christ,
there is no hope.
no hope for this world.
for the future.


hope is found wholly and completely
on Christ.
and in Him.
and in no other way.


the only hope is
to have hope in Him
and what He’s going to do
with this little life of ours.


nothing in this life
will satisfy in the
and utter
and total
and whole way
that Christ can and does.
nothing else can do that.



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we are

all women,
all wives,
all followers of Jesus.

oh, how blessed we are.





one newlywed.
one army wife.

one has her own letterpress studio.

one attempting to capture motherhood (me).

i will put each of our daily
thankful photos
on my blog.
to share with all of you.
we’d love for you to join in this journey.
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Man is like a breath;
his days are like a fleeting shadow.
Psalm 144:4


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