what’s next.

isn’t it always
what’s next
that freaks you out?
it is for me.



and right now.
this moment.
things are fine.
they’re great, actually.

but that one doctor’s appointment.
or that one night of unsettling sleep for L.
those are the things
that make me wonder
what will come next?
what will those things bring?


but God has shown us
and continues to show us
that He is here.
right now.
in this moment.
and He will also be in the next one.
and the one after that.
and even the one after that.

so i must choose to rest in Him.
i must choose.


He who was seated on the throne said,
“I am making everything new!”
Revelation 21:5


2251. He makes all things new
2252. breakfast in bed by D
2253. a quick nap on the floor
2254. a cheerful, cheerful boy at 5:51am
2255. time to edit photos

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