snow, snow + more snow.

my husband’s book
comes out on tuesday!


if you know my husband,
you know that he’s funny.
very, very funny.
his writing is no different.
is a hysterical novel.


Kirkus Reviews says:
“…In bringing a humane point of view to the
pitched election-year conflict
between liberals and conservatives,
this novel couldn’t be timelier…
A freewheeling satire that does for politics
what Texan Dan Jenkins’ antic fictions
did for golf and football.
Smiley’s first novel disproves the notion
that conservatives can’t be really funny.”


comes out on tuesday, may 8th
(and if you pre-order it on Amazon
and select two-day shipping,
you’ll receive it on may 8th.)

remember part one of the Tahoe trip?
well, here’s part 2!



the kids have seen snow before.
(remember this?)
but they haven’t seen snow falling before.
so this was a real treat.



and we were kind of
more prepared than we were last time.



and by kind of,
i mean kind of.
did you notice the size of his gloves?



snow just kept on falling from the sky.




and then we met up with
the bride and her girls.



they were on a hike.
because yeah,
they’re all outdoorsy and stuff.



shooting while it is snowing is very, very hard
(as if you couldn’t tell)




and this is what our car looked like
after only 18 hours.


For here we do not have an enduring city,
but we are looking for the city that is to come.
Hebrews 13:14


2076. the neighbor’s dog not barking
2077. brownies in the fridge
2078. the anticipation of what’s to come
2079. change
2080. watching tv with B



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