the cold weekend.

so only one week after
we got back from our warm trip,
(see here and here)
we left for a cold one.


you see, my sister,
just got married in Lake Tahoe.
and unlike other brides
who get married in April,
in Tahoe,
she was praying for snow.
and snow she got.


not just a little snow but
lots and lots and lots of snow.

we actually heard that Tahoe
got 12 days of powder all season
and three of the days
were while we were up there.


instagram came in oh-so handy on the trip.
here’s the beginning
with the drive:



much, much more to come.


All these blessings will come upon you
and accompany you
if you obey the LORD your God
Deuteronomy 28:2


2066. finishing one project before starting another
(new to me)
2067. blank corks for a project
2068. warm beach days in April
2069. a photo swap
2070. lots and lots of girl time

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