time stopping moments.

we had an
spring break.


and here are the first batch
of (non instagram) photos
i took on our little getaway.



it was relaxing.



it was calm.



it was without school



and therapies.




get this: we did not go in the car for four entire days.



it was a lot like paradise.



we spent nearly every moment
of our days swimming.



and one of the most special things

that i realized while on this trip

was that L was able to do
every single thing that the big kids were doing.
because the entire trip was focused on
quality family time and swimming.
it was such a beautiful discovery for me.



time was spent crawling.



and coloring and journaling.



movies were watched.



and eyes sparkled
in the gorgeous sun out there.




we took golf cart rides.



and bathed in a big tub.



time slowed down out there.
as eyelashes were even noticed.




and, one of the best gifts of all…
an impromptu
completely child-led
photo opportunity was captured.


We demolish arguments and every pretension
that sets itself up against the knowledge of God,
and we take captive every thought
to make it obedient to Christ
2 Corinthians 10:5


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half way around the world.

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