picture me {im}perfectly.my typical children

sometimes, the only thing harder
than having a special needs child
is having typical children.



the kids and i went on
an impromptu hike the other day.



how does one get herself
on an impromptu hike, you ask?



i’m not really sure.



L had a doctor’s appointment
near the woods



and i thought that maybe
if i took the bigs on a fun adventure
before the appointment,
that they would hate it less.



and just so you know,
we don’t use hate in our house.
other than God hating sin.



so hopefully that explains how much
they really,
do not like going
to doctor appointments.



so we went on this hike
and then i began to think.
i thought about a lot of things, actually.
mostly, i was quite concerned
that K was going to fall off
the side of the mountain
we were climbing.
she didn’t.



but i did come to the conclusion
that sometimes
(just sometimes)
having typical children
is harder than having a special needs child.


L is much, much more joyful than D and K.
put together.
and the only thing i can guess
is that it must be directly from the Lord.
there’s no other explanation for it.



when my big kids get tired,
they complain that they can’t walk.
and B and i don’t have any mercy
for those type of words.
because they can, in fact, walk.


and K gets upset over the wildest things.
as of late, she was crying
because on the picture she was drawing,
the boy had yellow pants
but he also had yellow legs
and she was upset that
the legs weren’t showing up on the paper.
but she did not at all
like my idea of changing the color
of one of those things.


those are the situations
when L is a much, much easier child.

(and p.s., K was collecting these sticks
to throw to her future dog, “fluffy”.)


check out Jen’s blog

where she doesn’t take any credit,
but gives it all to God.


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In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you
and wait in expectation.
Psalm 5:3


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