ten on ten.april

i just love 10 on 10 days.
it pulls me out of the mundane
and helps me
to see or just look
for those
that the Lord
pours down on
each and every one of us.
i just love it.


1- up but not awake
2- the happiest boy in the world
3- groceries
4- this blog post
5- a hallway with a lot of meaning
6- thorny path
7- deliveries
8- couch buddies
9- reflection of me working
10- walking outside


But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD,
whose confidence is in him.
Jeremiah 17:7


2006. not being in a rush
2007. wild poppies peeking through the fence
2008. kids that make me laugh. hard.
2009. an impromptu hike
2010. not collecting doctors


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